About The Third Act Film

About the Movie


In 2014, the last year baby boomers turned 50. One door closes and another opens...

We wrote THE THIRD ACT as a creative expression of our transitions in life. Transitions that can be fraught with agony, uncertainty, and heartbreak. We wanted to laugh so hard we cried and we did! Then, we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and made our dreams come true ... for real life.

As Roxy and Lola learn in their own third acts, nobody gives you a manual for life, for parenting or relationships. Nobody tells you that suffering is a natural part of life and if we embrace it all, we will suffer a bit less. Embrace your inner jerk and forgive others for theirs... we promise your joy will surface and the corners of your mouth shall lift. Then watch our movie and laugh so hard, you'll pee yourself... (Damn, they were right about doing those Kegels!)